The UK's Biggest Drama In TEN YEARS Is Coming To Netflix!

10 million watched the finale!

26 September 2018

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There’s a lot of Netflix news around this week but there is one thing you should be pumped about more than anything, the UK’s biggest drama in TEN years is coming to Netflix on October 24.

The show, called Bodyguard, which has increased its audience week on week in the motherland, is a six parter that stars Game of Thrones’ Richard Madden and Spooks’ Keeley Hawes in a political thriller.

Madden plays a former soldier named David Budd who is assigned to the bodyguard for politician Julia Montague (Hawes).

Madden is a post-traumatic stress disorder sufferer and Montague is trying to push through new counter-terrorism bills, which sees them clash in their relationship.

The shows most tense scene happens in the first five minutes, with an extended sequence focusing on a bomb plot on the London Underground but it gets even more tense along the way, with audience left hooked week-by-week.

For us, it will be bingeable in six hours.

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