The tastiest gelato to try on the Coast this Summer

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Holly Fallon

15 November 2017

Holly Fallon

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Not only are we the city of Meter Maids (or men), long stretches of sandy beaches and acai bowls galore; we also serve up a pretty tasty scoop of gelato. 

Luckily, our sunny city permits us to eat this tasty treat almost every day of the year.

We challenge you to lick your way through every one of these. Go on, we double dog dare you. 

The Gelato Shop, Broadbeach

This gelato is award winning, so it must be good, right? A Broadbeach favorite with a wide selection of flavours including a vegan ice cream range!

The team is always one step ahead of the rest in the ice cream game, introducing a waffle cone coated in thick chocolate filled with coffee earlier in the year. 

Scoop Gelati, Burleigh Heads 

This traditional style gelati shop is a Burleigh favorite. The shop may be small hole-in-the-wall, but it packs big flavor. 

Grab a cup or cone and lick your way to the Burleigh headland. 

Zanettis Gelato, Surfers Paradise 

Zany Zanettis Gelato in the heart of Surfers Paradise. 

The owner, Frank, made headlines earlier in the year after introducing XXXX Gold, VB and champagne flavored gelato.

'Cause 'Straya. 

Heaven-ya, Mermaid Waters

We just love this story at Sea HQ. Two young sisters spent years perfectly a dozen of jaw-dropping gelato recipes and they are seriously additive. Especially the salted caramel. Just saying. 

Gelato Messina, Coolangatta

We wish we could claim this shop as our own, but Gelato Messina is one of the most recognisable ice cream stores around the country. The gelato royalty made waves when it landed in Coolangatta and still to this day, has a long line on a Friday night. 

With quirky creations and melt-in-your-mouth flavors, if you haven't tried this, you ain't livin'.

HempYeah Gelato

Enough said. Click here for more details. 

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