The Story Of Quinn And Her Premature Entrance Into The World

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Nine months, you’re told. Nine months for your baby to grow, nine months for you to do up the nursery, nine months to make sure the car seat is installed properly and nine months to mentally prepare yourself for Motherhood. Nine months that you expect you will get, a countdown with an estimated end date to work with.

But what if you only got seven months?

This was the case for Laura. She found out she was pregnant the same day she signed the contract for her dream job. The pregnancy was fine. No dramas! Nothing to be concerned about! But at 29 weeks pregnant Laura took the day off work because she was feeling a bit off. It was on this hot summers day that her waters broke and she unknowingly went into labour. She was only 29 weeks pregnant, how could she possibly be about to give birth? Wearing nothing but her bikinis and a pair of pluggers she casually strolled into the hospital assuming she’d be sent home in an hour. But within 24 hours she heard the cry of her darling daughter, Quinn. Born at 29 weeks, weighing 1400 grams.  

She was perfect.

Laura didn’t even make it to her third trimester. And she definitely didn’t get to enjoy her maternity leave. Instead, she was driving back and forth to the hospital, buying last minute baby gear and being a full-time dairy as she pumped milk for her premature baby. Most of us start bitching and moaning at 37 weeks, begging our babies to leave our insides, dreading the thought of still being pregnant at 40 weeks.  But according to the latest statistics, 8.6% of Australian mothers have given birth prematurely in the last twelve months.  And I can guarantee those women would have LOVED to make it to 40 weeks.

I created this birth series so that we could hear ALL types of birth stories.  Because the more we know and the more we listen, the more compassion we have. Quinn and Laura’s story is one that needs to be shared. I never knew what a postpartum mother needed before I became one. I never understood why mothers fed their kid’s hot chips for dinner and passed them an iPad without a second thought UNTIL I had a toddler. Birthing a premature baby is a unique experience that requires unique support.

I absolutely LOVED chatting to Laura and hearing her story. For somebody who has experienced such trauma she has a bloody good sense of humour (I made her be my friend because I liked her so much). Her perspective on the premature experience is inspiring and SO informative. It could happen to anyone! It could happen to you, or your friend, or your sister-in-law who might low-key hate you. And if it does, this story will give you some insight on how to navigate the situation.

Anyway, just hurry up and listen (and also subscribe, rate and review because I KNOW you’re a legend).

25 October 2019

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