The Story for Season 3 of You is Complete & is Coming ‘Soonish’

Joe is coming back

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The Author of the books that 'You' is based off, has confirmed she has finished writing book number 3

'You' is the psychological thriller that we all devoured when Season 1 and 2 dropped on Netflix, but it finished on a cliff hanger, is the baby Joe’s? Is it even real? What else don’t we know about Love? And who is the next-door neighbour?!

Never fear, we will be getting answers because the third instalment has been written, author of the series, Caroline Kepnes confirmed on Twitter.

The first two seasons of ‘You’ are based on Kepnes’ novels Hidden Bodies, and the third season will be based on the third book, which is coming ‘soonish’, according to Kepnes.

Netflix recently confirmed that the series had been renewed for a third season, but due to everything that 2020 has served up, production has been halted and it’s likely it won’t drop on Netflix until late 2021.

But it’s likely it won’t stop at season 3 either; before Kepnes updated her Twitter bio to confirm that the third instalment had been written, it previously read ‘working on a third and fourth book. No, I’m not done yet.’ So Joe Goldberg may be in our lives for a little longer yet.

Can’t wait until 2021 for season 3 of ‘You’? Here are a few recommendations you can sink your teeth into until then:

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30 July 2020

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