The South Burnett Community Praised for their Help

Catching alleged reckless driver

15 May 2018

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The South Burnett Community is being praised for the assistance in helping to catch an alleged reckless driver.

Queensland Police have thanked a service station worker and a taxi driver who were able to assist them in the apprehension of the offender.

Police will allege the man, 19, was behind several evade offences after a spree which started on May 8.

Officers were tipped off to his location on Saturday night in Nanango. He' now faces two counts of failing to stop, three of disqualified driving and one of wilful damage to police property.

Senior Sergeant Dave Tierney said, “Police in both Kingaroy and Nanango wish to thank those members of the public who provided assistance in removing this allegedly reckless driver from the local roads before someone was seriously hurt.

Investigations are continuing into other related offences.”

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