The ‘Slender Man’ Trailer Is Here & It’s Your WORST Nightmare

You can't unsee him...

Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller

29 July 2018

Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller

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If you didn’t know already, an official Slender Man movie has been made and it. is. terrifying…

The first trailer for the film has just been unveiled and fans everyone are freaking out.


Don’t know what or who Slender Man is?

Well, it basically originated on the internet as a meme in 2009. 

Slender Man is a really tall, seriously creepy figure who you’d never want to bump into. 


The trailer states, "Some he takes. Some he drives mad. Once you see him, you can't unsee him.”

The film is set in the American town of Massachusetts, where four high school girls try to summon the Slender Man. 

One of the girls then goes missing and the others believe she’s the new victim of him. 

The girls then try to look for her in the woods, which of course turns out to be a BAD idea as they encounter him and he comes into their lives. 

Watch the chilling trailer below!


The film is set to be released August 10. 

Are YOU game enough to watch it?

Let us know who you’ll see it with in the Facebook comments!


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