The Simple Tips That Could Score You A Flight Upgrade

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You've just booked, or are about to book, your dream holiday. Nothing could make this trip any better. Or could it? 

We've all heard the stories about a "friend-of-a-friend" that have scored a flight upgrade at the counter. But how did they do it? Pot luck, or strategic travel moves?

If you want to know how to UP your chances at an upgrade to first - heck, business - class, our insider friends have given us the tips to make it happen:

Fly At The Right Time

You could have a better shot at the business high-life if you fly when businesses don't. Booking your flights on public holidays and in low season when business workers are less likely to catch are flight could be your ticket to an upgrade. Sunday, Tuesday or Wednesday are also days known to be the quietest days to travel. 

Spend Money, To Save Money

They say you need to spend money to make money, so the same principle could apply to flights. If you've spent a ridiculous amount of mullah on baggage, the flight attendant may sweeten the deal at the counter by giving you a well-deserved ticket to business. 

Dress To The Nines

There's no need for a suit and tie, but the best fashion advice we can give you - leave the tracksuit in your suitcase! Wear your Sunday best when checking in. THINK: A nice shirt, chinos, dress, scarf and preppy brogues. They want the best presentation possible for their most expensive flights so a smile and business casual outfit could get you a seat!

The Early Bird Catches The Flight

It may be the best time to catch an upgrade - no queue and two upgrade places available. Increase your chances and rock up hours before your scheduled departure. Worst case scenario, you'll just how to blow some extra time shopping the aisles of the airport. And that isn’t so bad... 

Be Kind

When in doubt - just be kind. Kindness always pays off, so make friends with the flight attendant and those around you. You never know you, you could be in business class with a blink of a smile. 

Check Your Emails

A number of airlines will send out emails prior to your flight that may be worth a read. They sometimes offer discounted upgrades available on your flight. It's not free, but hey, it's second best.

Be Loyal To Your Airline

At the end of the day, airlines are in the business of making money, meaning they'll always reward those that reward them. Simply join the airline's loyalty program, even if it's a low level, to ensure you're at the top of their list. 

These tips and tricks might not always work but they're worth a shot!

16 May 2018

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