The 'Shag' Haircut Is Going To Be A Huge Trend In 2020

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Ready for a hair change in 2020? How about going for a choppy shag cut?

Stylists are predicting that the shag will be the biggest hair trend of the year. While it's not a new do, it's been a few years since we've seen this sort of shag dominance. 

“It will definitely further push the year of grunge,” Bradley Deeming from London's Salon 64 told Glamour. “Think undone and tastefully messy do’s with a strong shape, evolving current beachy looks and even has potential to replace the classic ruched wave.”

The good news is the shag can be any length, and is more about the choppy layered look than the length. So if you've got short hair you can get a bob layered out into a more textured look, or roughen up that cropped pixie cut.


And if you've got longer hair it's all about layers and textured ends.

And according to experts, the shag suits everyone - so don't be scared of trying it! 

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9 January 2020

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