The SAS Australia Contestants Were Paid How Much?!

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It's been revealed how much the contestants on SAS Australia are earning to appear on the show.

Who could have guessed that watching low-grade celebrities, punch each other in the face, share a drop toilet, and find camaraderie crawling through mud together, would be the highlight of 2020?

Over the past few weeks, SAS Australia has proven itself to be very different from its reality tv show predecessors. Forget singing competitions or dating shows with more 'villains' than all the Disney movies in the world, SAS Australia brings it back to basics, and Aussie audiences can't get enough.

It's not just the format that has managed to get a large majority of Australia watching, but it's also the cast. The show stars people like Comedian Merrick Watts, Athlete and Second-Worst-Bachelor-Ever, Nick 'The Honey Badger' Cummins, and one of the most infamous names in Australia history, Schapelle Corby.

While watching these famous and infamous Australians undertake gruelling tasks that see them pushed to their physical and mental limits, we've all questioned why any celebrity would put themselves through this. Surely I'm A Celebrity Get Out Me Out Of Here is a helluva lot easier.

As it turns out, the celebrities get a nice little pay packet at the end. Actually, scratch that, it's a gigantic pay packet, depending on how far they make it through the series, and what their celebrity status is.

Yes, not all the contestants are paid the same with one was reported to make significantly more than the others. That contestant is Schapelle Corby.

But just how much money are Corby and the other contestants walking away with? We found out:

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29 October 2020

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