The Sad Story Behind The Jewel Song You've Played A Million Times

We had no idea

13 March 2018

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Jewel's hit song 'Hands' was such an iconic song of the 90's, but until recently, we had no idea that it's origin was actually quite sad.

Jewel published her story about the song in a book titled 'Chicken Soup For The Soul: The Story Behind The Song' and reveals that when she wrote 'Hands', it was a very dark time in her life.

Jewel reveals she was 18 and homeless and was so desperate that she was driven to shoplifting food, just to survive. Sadly, Jewel's boss also propositioned her when she revealed she didn't have any money. When she turned him down, he withheld her paycheck and wouldn't even acknowledge her when she would go to his office to ask for it.

Sleeping in her car, sick with kidney problems and unable to buy medication, she was even turned away from the emergency department and thought she might die because she didn't have an insurance. 

Later in her life, Jewel reveals she heard a radio announcer dedicating her song to the victims of the twin towers disaster in NYC, bringing everything full circle for her. 


Jewel is now having her life story told by Cirque De Soleil, revealing the charity raising show is like the prom she never had.

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