The Rocky Council Are Getting Ahead Of Future Projects

And there's much to be done!

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With plenty on the horizon for Rockhampton, the Regional Council have allocated funding to the advance planning and development of brand new strategic projects.

The council have made sure to focus their attention on investment ready projects like the Fireclay Caverns which are expected to be a major tourism player. The caverns have been allocated a whopping $80,000 and are predicted to assist in the activation of Mount Morgan's full potential.


The council have also paid considerable attention to sports and events precincts throughout the region in an attempt to better understand what is needed to support expected sporting and event growth.


Mayor Margaret Strelow says a hefty sum has also been allocated to the airport to keep up with Rocky's expanding population.

“Both of these projects will help to ensure that the Rockhampton Airport accommodates a growing population well into the future, and will also open up new economic possibilities."

- Mayor Margaret Strelow

These are not the only places receiving Council assistance with plenty of alternative locations receiving separate funding for further development.

Georgie Marr

3 July 2019

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Georgie Marr

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