The Region is Set for a Scorcher this Weekend

Brace yourselves for a heatwave

22 September 2017

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It’s been tipped to be a hot one across the region this weekend.

Sunday temperatures are predicted to reach 33 in Toowoomba, 34 in Warwick, and 36 in Dalby and Oakey.

However, the rising spring temperatures across the Downs doesn’t have to mean rising power prices.

Ergon Energy's John Fowler says the air-con doesn’t have to be the first option:


“Try and us ceiling fans, open the house for cross ventilation to allow breezes through if they are not too hot and if you really have to then go for the air conditioner.  But make sure that rooms are closed off, there’s no sun coming in and if you leave the room turn the air-conditioner off.”

There is a high chance of showers this afternoon provided they can break through the Teflon dome that covers Toowoomba and chance of gusty thunderstorms this evening.

The Bureau of Meteorology says that these conditions are unusual for this time of year.



Toowoomba – Sat 31 & Sun 33

Oakey – Sat 33 & Sun 36

Warwick – Sat 33 & Sun 34

Stanthorpe – Sat 29 & Sun 30

Gatton – Sat 35 & Sun 38

Dalby – Sat 35 & Sun 36

Chinchilla – Sat 35 & Sun 37

St George – Sat 38 & Sun 37

Roma – Sat 37 & Sun 38


Everyone is reminded to be mindful of fire danger in this extreme heat.

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