The Refined Maude Street Mall Concept Is Now Available For Viewing!

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With all of the news surrounding the Coronavirus over the recent weeks, we have some good news to share with Shepparton locals!

The Greater Shepparton City Council has developed a Refined Concept Design for the Maude Street Mall project which can now be viewed by the community!

Not only can the plans be viewed, but the GSCC wants to hear your opinion, so will be taking feedback from locals up until April 30th.

The Council first adopted the concept design arrangement back in 2018 and passed the detailed design to landscape architects Group GSA in 2019. The group have since refined and developed the original concept using their years of experience working on similar projects for regional and metropolitan areas. 

GSCC Director Infrastructure Phil Hoare says the mall is expected to add great economic value to the community upon completion. 

“The Mall Precinct is located in the centre of our CBD and has the potential to evolve into a thriving economic and social destination, supporting and further enabling retail, hospitality and various business services”

- Cr Phil Hoare

Cr Hoare also says the plans have confirmed many major features but the council is looking forward to hearing feedback from the Greater Shepparton Community. 

“The Refined Concept Design has confirmed the major features of the design, such as adding one-way traffic back into the Mall from Fryers Street to Stewart Street and a parking area in the south end accessed from High Street. Council is now looking for feedback on the aesthetics of the design and the usability of the other minor features proposed,”

- Cr Phil Hoare

If you're interested in viewing the refined plans and contributing feedback, head to or in the window of the Think CBD Office in the Tower Arcade. 

For more info or to subscribe for updates, follow the link through to the website. 

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Georgie Marr

26 March 2020

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Georgie Marr

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