The Reason Why The MAFS Love ‘Experts’ Had To Change their Titles From ‘Psychologists’

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2 February 2018

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A leaked email has explained exactly why the psychologists on Married At First Sight have to use the title 'experts' rather than their qualified 'psychologist' status. 

Fans of Married At First Sight have become confused with the professional titles of Mel Schilling, Dr Trisha Stratford and John Aiken.

Viewers of the show have been quick to point out that while all three are qualified psychologists, MAFS advertises them as relationship 'experts' rather than 'psychologists'. 

In an email which the Daily Mail obtained, it was explained that the reason behind the bizarre new title was due to a formal complaint against John Aiken by a former contestant of the show. 

The former contestant sent an offical complaint to the psychology Council of NSW, claiming that the people involved in the show were put in "dangerous situations"

The Council came to the conclusion that while Aiken would still be allowed to work on the show, he was no longer able to refer to himself as a psychologist. 

"In that letter, the Psychology Council of New South Wales advised you that Mr John Aiken is no longer participating on the television program 'Married At First Sight' as a psychologist and that he has updated his bio on the '9Now' website to reflect this," the email read.

"Please note that Mr Aiken is still able to participate in the show, however, he is no longer able refer to himself as a psychologist or undertake psychological practice.

"This means that so long as all reference to him being a psychologist has been removed from the show, Mr Aiken can continue to work on it. He may choose, for example, to use a title such as 'relationship expert' or some other such term.

"In relation to his website, Mr Aiken is still a registered psychologist and his website can reflect this. He can also use his post nominals as these reflect his educations achievements."

While the complaint was filed directly against Aiken, the whole panel's titles seem to have shifted - however, on the 9Now website, Dr Trisha Stratford still carried the title Neuropsychotherapist.

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