The QVB Is So Done With 2020, They’ve Already Put Up The Christmas Tree

It's apparently December now.

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By about April this year, humans of Earth all pretty much agreed to right-off 2020. Most of our plans have either been cancelled or drastically altered, and we all have our expectations and sights set on 2021.

Now, in an act of pure no f*cks given, the Queen Victoria Building’s Christmas Tree has been put on display, because at this stage, why the hell not?

Last year, we said goodbye to the iconic Swarovski Christmas Tree, making this year’s decorations truly a new beginning for our city.

Collaborating with celebrated artist Gerwyn Davies, 'The 2020 Tree' aims to “ignite joy and empower Sydneysiders to feel hope” in a year where we need it the most.

“Inspired by the year its been, the all-new large-scale art piece is a build on QVB’s iconic Christmas tree, but has been made especially for this time,” the QVB website explains.

“Adorned with everyday objects to bring to life how the ordinary has become extraordinary this year” - true!

For the large-scale reimagining of the beloved Christmas Tree, Gerwyn has responded to 2020 and “the idea of making something magical from our collective mess” - wow also true, I am a mess.  

“He creates nimble and resourceful art pieces out of unassuming icons of the Australian suburban landscape. Reawakening them from their monotony, objects are distorted and warped, playfully modifying the all too familiar to create sculptures and ornaments that glisten, shimmer and shine.

“The crowning lightning bolt at the top of the tree symbolises the spark of life that the QVB aims to reignite in the recently quietened city of Sydney and the bold interpretation heroes the individual and unique moments of joy that can be experienced even at this difficult time.”

The tree’s presence also aims to bring “the power of art” to the QVB “physically and virtually” during a time where the art community has been significantly impacted by the pandemic.

So, if you’re completely done with 2020, or just need a lift in spirits, the tree is currently on display!

If heading out to the CBD is not in your current plans, check out these photos of the tree below:

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31 August 2020

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