This Prosecco Purse Is Spring's Must Have Accessory

For a limited time only!

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Ruffino Wines

We’ve seen it all, everything from the diamond mini purse to the bum bag essential statement, but this new limited-edition handbag is a trend we can all get around.

Ruffino Wines now has launched a new clear PVC bag which perfectly holds six mini-bottles of sparkling wine that it comes with.

This custom tote was designed by none other than Brooklyn favourite, StickyBaby, so you know it’s a fashion must.

The clear bag features a very fashionable faux-wooden handle and six plastic separators, so the glasses don't clink as you're swinging it toward the beach this summer.

This bad boy is also waterproof, meaning you can fill it with ice to chill your champagne and not worry about it leaking everywhere.

The best part? You can also remove the separator, so you can use the purse as a fashion statement.

The bag is available for preorder via ReserveBar, but get in quick, we don't think these summer essentials will be available for long! 

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Eve Swain

12 August 2019

Article by:

Eve Swain

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