The Powerball Jackpot Has Climbed To A Record $110 Million!

No one won last night's draw!

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Not one person in the entire country won last night’s $80 million Powerball jackpot, which means next week’s prize will be Australia’s largest ever!

The winning numbers were 21, 27, 8, 6, 28, 34 and 7, with the Powerball number 16.


While there were no division one winners, there were nine division two winners, sharing a prize pool of $825,560.10, taking home $91,728.90 each.

You can check out the results here

“The current record for the biggest individual lottery win is held by a Sydney woman, who won more than $107 million in Powerball in January this year," a Lott spokesperson told 

“2019 has already been a watershed year for Australian lotteries as we’ve seen a series of high jackpots offered and won. We can only wait and see how the rest of the year pans out for lottery players, starting with next Thursday’s draw.”

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11 July 2019

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