The Official Weather Forecast For New Year’s Eve & Day!


27 December 2018

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According to the Bureau of Meteorology, Australia is sweltering through a heatwave this week, with temperatures in the south-east rising 10-14 degrees above average for this time of year. So what’s to come New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day?

Well, it looks like those high temperates are here to stay across majority of the country, however, storms and possible showers are expected to hit up in the north and down south. 

Take a look at what your city can expect below: 


NYE: 31°C (partly cloudy)

NYD: 32°C (mostly sunny)


NYE: 32°C (partly cloudy)

NYD: 28°C (partly cloudy)


NYE: 33°C (shower or two)

NYD: 34°C (mostly sunny)


NYE: 26°C (partly cloudy)

NYD: 26°C (mostly sunny)


NYE: 23°C (possible late shower)

NYD: 25°C (partly cloudy)


NYE: 28°C (mostly sunny)

NYD: 31°C (sunny)


NYE: 33°C (sunny)

NYD: 28°C (mostly sunny)


NYE: 33°C (Shower or two. Possible storm)

NYD: 33°C (Shower or two. Possible storm)

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