The Obscure Road Rules Catching Out Queensland Drivers

Laws you never knew you were breaking

13 March 2018


There's a lot of things drivers do without even thinking, like beeping the horn to say hello or goodbye or resting an arm along the outside of the driver's side door.

But did you know these actions could see your slapped with a fine?

RACQ has revealed a list of obscure laws that have caught out dozens of drivers across Queensland in the past year, with data showing more than 400 motorists had been fined for having an arm or a leg outside of a vehicle.

170 drivers were fined for having an animal on their lap, 52 drivers were nabbed for improperly honking their horn, while 66 cyclists were slapped with infringement notices for riding a bike without a bell.

"Ignorance of road rules isn’t a valid excuse so we urge everyone to refresh their knowledge, whether they’re a cyclist, a pedestrian, a driver or a passenger," said spokesperson Lauren Ritchie.

"These road rules may seem insignificant to some but they’re in place to keep all road users safe."

Here's the breakdown of how much you'll be paying if you're caught breaking these obscure laws:

  • Improper use of horn - $52
  • Arm or leg outside car window - $126.15
  • Riding a bike without brakes or bell - $126.15
  • Unrestrained animal in vehicle - $294.53


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