The NSW State Government launches new campaign!!

Country Road Users Targeted.

6 December 2017

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Excuses that country drivers make for taking deadly risks on our roads are being challenged by a new emotive road safety campaign.

The scheme highlights the statistics, showing that if you live in the country, you’re four times more likely to die on the roads.

The campaign has been backed by Murray MP Austin Evans, who says here in the Murray electorate 47 people have lost their lives and 366 people were seriously injured between 2012 and 2016; and it has to stop.

Mr Evans says it’s not good enough for drivers to make excuses like “Yeah but I was only going a few kilometres over the limit”, “Yeah but I didn’t think I needed a break because I was close to home" or “Yeah I’ve had a few drinks but I needed to get the kids home”.

As part of the campaign, the NSW Government and Transport for NSW will partner with local councils, community groups and local industries to help spread this important safety message across regional NSW.

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