The No-Run Cardio Workout You Need Right Now

Doing the City2Surf?

9 August 2017

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It’s the same deal every year, City2Surf weekend comes around and you either run it and feel on top of the world, or decide not to run and have major FOMO. But this year, our fitness experts, the BUF Girls have a third option for you!

Our awesome foursome created a 4-minute, no-run, high endorphin, cardio workout you can repeat as many times as your heart desires, from the comfort of your own home to get your workout hit on the morning of the world’s biggest fun run. 

The best bit? You did the work, so you’ve still totally earned your entry ticket to the Bondi after-parties! And because you did your workout at home, you can shower before you hit them up… or not, so you look the part! 

Just hit play on our video, as many times as you like! We each take you through a 45-minute cardio HIIT, made up of 3 x exercises for 15 seconds each.

Let’s go!  


Here’s what to expect in each set:


Boxer Shuffles


Sprawl to Fighter Stance



Burpee Switchers (3 partner changes OR 3 direction changes)



Mountain Climbers

Plank Jacks

Barrier Jumps




Squat Jump Ankle Cross

BIG Squat Jumps

P.S. To see what the BUF Girls and our Hit Network team are getting up to on City2Surf day, keep your eyes on the @bufgirls instagram page – see you there!

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