The most jaw-dropping food at Gold Coast Show

You can't leave without trying them all!

Holly Fallon

30 August 2017

Holly Fallon

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We’ll never forget you Dagwood dog, fairy floss, chocolate covered strawberries and chips smothered in gravy. However, we can’t ignore the new string of carnival food lurking in the midst.

From Friday - Sunday, the Turf Club will come alive with rides, circus and baby animals for the annual Gold Coast Show. This year, foodie delights and street trucks will take the cake (literally) as the events show stopper.

Deep fried Lasagne


Winner of the best deep-fried food on a stick, the whacky deep fried lasagne will be available from Midway Catering. The mouth-watering treat was added to the menu after seeing it turn heads in the U.S.A. For those lucky enough to try it early, it’s meant to melt in your mouth and taste like a cheese toastie.

How We Roll


You would have seen these cats rolling around the Coast in their fancy food truck. The family business means serious business about toasty brioche rolls, stuff with smoky spiced meats. Now put that in your show bag and smoke and it!

Ged’s Homemade Lemonade


When life gives you lemon, you made lemonade. Or in Ged and Kat’s case - they make a party. Dancing around in their colourful stall with bright wigs, you won’t miss the duo! They’ll be serving up each glass with zero preservatives and only the juiciest fruit picked in town - you’ll be feeling very peachy after a glass this.

Space Bars Ice creamery


To the Gold Coast Show and beyond! The ice creamery isn’t your average Neapolitan combo in a cone. They’re all vegan, dairy free with a touch of magic. Using liquid nitrogen to freeze your order in front of your eyes. Who needs the circus show when you can watch this?

The Pretzel Nook


This isn’t your average pretzel. The owner makes every single one by hand, smokes the salt over a log fire in Tallebudgera Valley and stuffs them with grilled cheese, blue cheese and/or jalapenos. If a normal pretzel was a Toyota car, then this pretzel is a Lamborghini. Get lost in the twists and turns of this German delight.

New York Cheezys


Not even kidding, these guys wear cheesy crown on their heads so you can find them easier. From the streets of New York City to the Gold Coast Turf Club, these guys know how to whip up a good toasted sanga. Layers and layers of cheese stuffed with every type of filling - you will never go back to sliced cheese on wholemeal bread ever again.

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