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Whether or not you believe in hauntings, we guarantee you’ll still feel a shiver or two down your spine after reading about these haunted locations in Australia!

Monte Cristo Homestead, NSW

Known as “Australia’s Most Haunted House”, a series of deadly accidents took place over the years here including a boy who burned to death in the stables, a girl who was “pushed” out of a maid’s arms and down the stairs by a ghost, and a fatal shooting in 1961. You can actually stay overnight, and you might be lucky enough to see the ghost of former owner Mrs Crawley.


National Film And Sound Archive, ACT

Before the Film and Sound Archive moved into this building it was actually the home of the Australian Institute of Anatomy. The downstairs corridor was once lined with skulls and is now apparently a bit of a paranormal hotspot. Sightings include a poltergeist hurling containers of film strips and a ghostly child near the old cinema. 

Breakfast Creek Hotel, QLD

William McNaughton Galloway, the Mayor Of Brisbane in 1889 and first owner of the Breakfast Creek Hotel died after falling from a window on the second floor of the pub. The staff over the years have made reference to feeling a spooky presence and 'cold chills' when in certain areas of the hotel, believing Galloway could still be haunting it. 

Fremantle Arts Centre, WA

This building was constructed by convicts in 1864, and it became an asylum and later a women’s home. The ghost that haunts the building is apparently especially interested in redheads and many photos taken inside the Arts Centre’s walls feature mysterious orbs.

Princess Theatre, VIC

In 1888 Fredick Fedirici was lowered down into a trapdoor in the stage after performing as Mephistopheles in Faust. However, at that exact moment, he suffered a heart attack and died immediately. But his castmates reported seeing him on stage taking his bows with them! His ghost has been spotted on occasion in the theatre in the decades since. 


Redback Range Railway Tunnel, NSW

Located in Picton, this tunnel was used between 1867 – 1919. There were a number of deaths on the train tracks over the years, and many of those lost souls still haunt the 592 foot tunnel. There is no public access to the site, but Picton itself is meant to be one of Australia’s most haunted towns. 

Port Arthur, Tasmania 

If you’re in town, the official ghost tour at Port Arthur is a must. This convict settlement dates back to 1830 and was known as an inescapable prison. Over 1000 people died here in the 47 years it operated as a jail, and some of their spirits have remained on site. 

Beechworth Asylum, VIC

It's Australia's second-oldest standing asylum (honestly, who knew we had more than two?!) which reportedly held over 9000 patients and if you listen close enough, still echoes the laughter of kids who were patients there... Several years ago, a kid who went on a tour was found talking to himself, it was later discovered that the kid was in fact talking to a deceased patient named James!

Jenolan Caves, Blue Mountains, NSW

While the caves themselves aren't really all that spooky, there is a residential ghost who lives within the caves! A local tour guide claims he met an old man who told him a never before heard fact about the caves whilst on a tour, but after the tour was over the guide couldn't find the elderly man. Legend has it, the man could very well be James Wiburd, a previous caretaker of the caves whose ashes were scattered there!

Devils Pool, QLD

No matter how hot it is in the tropics of Queensland, this is probably one pool you don't want to take a dip in! Since 1959, 17 people have died at this popular swimming spot, the most recent being in November 2008, coincidence? We think not.

Aboriginal folklore tells the story of a woman who drowned herself at the pool after being separated from her lover. The woman is believed to now haunt the pool, luring men in to join her in death. Oh, and it doesn't stop there, not only have numerous visitors reported strange apparitions and crying noises, but there is a plaque next to the site which reads: “He came for a visit and stayed forever.”

The Quarantine Station, NSW 

Thinking of joining Big Brother Australia? Maybe think again, here's one condition they didn't tell you about. This creepy site is arguably one of Australia's most iconic haunted sites and is also home to the latest location for Big Brother House. For over 150 years this place used to isolate people from all kinds of nasty diseases like the bubonic plague, Spanish influenza, smallpox and so on. So, as you can expect, many men, women and children died here and it's said that their spirits still haunt the now-defunct buildings!

Old Melbourne Gaol, VIC

To be honest, anything to do with a gaol is no doubt full of nasties, let alone with this old school one! It used to be the home for the worst of the worst, including Ned Kelly who, with around 133 other prisoners, were hanged at the site. Visitors say they've encountered creepy experiences like hearing strange noises and feeling sudden drops in temperature...

Wakehurst Parkway, NSW

Pretty much any Sydneysider should know you shouldn't drive along the Wakehurst Parkway alone after 10pm because that's when the ghosts come out... And if you didn't, then this is your fair warning! This highway is known to be used as a dumping ground for murder victims and full of haunted ghosts where drivers veer off the road and crash. One ghost, in particular, named ‘Kelly’ makes a regular occurrence where legend has it that if you drive at night, Kelly will appear in the back seat and unless you tell her to get out, she will take control of the car and steer you off the road to your doom...

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26 October 2020

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