The Monte Cristo In NSW Is One Of The Most Haunted Places In Australia

And tbh we WILL not be going

Carly Heading

16 February 2018

Carly Heading

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If you’re addicted to fear and all things haunted… then this place is right for you!

Monte Cristo Homestead, in Junee, NSW, is known as Australia’s most haunted place and even just after reading about it we are petrified. 

The Victorian-era mansion has listed reports online with everything from strange lights, presences, objects moving, to ghost figures in the doorways.

There are many incidents and horrific accidents that have happened in the Monte Cristo Homestead.

A young boy was burned alive in the stables after his bed of straw was put on fire, a small girl was “pushed” out of a maid’s arms and fell down the stairs by a mysterious unseen force, a pregnant maid fell off the balcony, with many saying she was pushed, and in 1961, there was a fatal shooting of a gardener by a local man, who was obsessed with the film Psycho.

Current owners, Reg and Olive Ryan, aren’t scared of all the fuss, they have even seen the ghost of the homes past owners, including Mrs Crawley, the former lady of the house.

They are so unbothered by the fear, they actually invite people to visit.

The house is open on Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Monday from 10:00am to 4:00pm.

Many people come from all across Australia and other countries to stay at the Monte Cristo Homestead and some don’t even last their booking.

Mrs Crawley passed away in the home when she was 92, in 1933 from heart failure and her husband, Mr Crawley also passed away in the home at age of 69, in 1910, also from heart failure.

Are you brave enough to stay the night?



Yeah.. NOPE.

For more information, heck out their website here.

Monte Cristo Homestead

Where: 1 Homestead Lane

Junee, NSW, 2663

When: Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Monday

Hours: 10:00am to 4:00pm

Price: Adults $12, Children $6

Tours: Prices for Ghost Tours include dinner, accommodation, bed and breakfast. A non refundable $50 deposit per person is required within 7 days for Dinner, Bed, Breakfast Tours to confirm your booking.

  • A Dinner tour is $125 per person.
  • A Dinner, Bed & Breakfast tour is $195.00 per person.


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