The Last Video Shop In Townsville Will Close This Sunday

The end of an era...

Carley Whittington

2 October 2018

Carley Whittington

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Remember going home from school on a Friday arvo and your biggest decisions was what video your family would rent for the weekend?

You'd all cram into the Commy, then browse the what felt like endless walls of movie magic. 

While Dad would stare at the Aussie Classics, Mum was hooked on the Rom-Coms, but you were reaching for that Disney movie you've already watched 36 times. 



As of this Sunday, those moments will only ever be memories, with the last video store in Townsville preparing for it's final day of business. 

Video Ezy in Kirwan is the last Townsville video store standing, but will operate for the final time this Sunday after more than 20 years of bringing us hours of entertainment. 

The announcement has been posted on their front door, thanking the public for their support. 

"We have served millions of customers, made numerous friends and employed thousands of locals."

"We are proud of the fact that we are the last surviving video store in Townsville, but unfortunately the end of an era has arrived."

To clear stock, a Clearance Sale is running so that we can take home a slice of history and some Drama/Adults Only/Family/New Release fun. 



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