The Hottest New Travel Spot For Aussies Is Just 3 Hours From Sydney

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Carly Heading

19 June 2017

Carly Heading

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There’s a travel spot that has been right under our noses this whole time and it has just become the newest hot spot for us Aussies.

According to new research completed by the Turner Report, New Caledonia is now getting the attention of the whole country... and the best part for us,  it’s only 3 hours from Sydney!

Literally closer than Perth!  


A new survey done by Travel Trends has shown that within the last year there has been a massive increase of 42 per cent in bookings to the island nation.

With that increase, that now makes New Caledonia the number one developing destination for Australians wanting to go on holiday.


According to, the Turner Report also showed that Aussies are pretty keen on heading to Japan, which is up 18 per cent on the previous year, Vanuatu is up 17 per cent and our very own Uluru is up 12 per cent.

It’s no secret that we ALL love to travel and now that data is finally catching up!

Flight Centre CEO, Graham Turner, has noticed that we have all started to take advantage of the best travel packages, saying, “Australians are on the move more than ever before and we firmly believe this is the Golden Age of Travel. Flights are becoming more affordable and in 2017 we have advertised some of the cheapest fares we've ever seen.”



Travel prices have dropped to New Caledonia over the last year, so it is no wonder that its popularity has risen.

It was also recently included on Cheapflights’ list of the top 10 most affordable countries to visit from Australia! 

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