The Hilarious And Strangest Event You Can't Miss This Weekend


In association with NightQuarter

13 April 2018

In association with NightQuarter

As the city hosts one of the biggest sporting events in its history, Night Quarter in Helensvale has been hosting the biggest line up in their history.

Outside of the sporting arena, Festival18 is in full swing with NightQuarter Festival in Helensvale leading the pack.

The popular food market NightQuarter are open from 4pm - 9pm, on a mission to feed and entertain visitors and locals with a jam packed line up.

Here are some of the key (and quirky) events to add to your calendar this weekend, as we say farewell to the athletes and games:

Friday April 13 | Culture Strong

A cultural celebrations at its best: with local, traditional dance, singing, food, art and native flora. They'll be food trucks serving indigenous foods and cooking classes with unique native ingredients all while The Paddock brings the house down with Aussie acts and live art.

Friday April 13 | Wildlife Sketching.

Fancy yourself the next Picasso? Put pen to paper and learn to sketch our Aussie wildlife with a live pencil art demo. Directed by Chris, his wide knowledge of the outback and talent for fine detailed drawings will help you capture wildlife so well... it might even come to life (slight exaggeration).

Friday April 13 | Les Moutons

Looking at this picture you're probably things: "What the sheep is goin' on 'ere?!". This live installation has to been seen to be believed. A place where reality meets fantasy, as they recreate a country scene in a standard urban area. You'll never seen sheep's the same way again, as you watch their strange and hilarious universe in a surrealistic way.

Saturday April 14 | Brass Off

This party-starter duo will come together for a night of hard-hitting horns, funky melodies and good vibes. Accompanied by a 10 piece brass brand featuring, a bossing drummer, hard hitting horn players and one monster MC, get your dancing shoes ready for a big finale night of funk, soul and reggae roots.

For the full Festival18 line up and details at Night Quarter, visit the website here

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