The Highway Now Offers A Free Bus Service So We Can Enjoy A Boozy Sunday

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The only thing better than Sunday arvo drinks with the gang, is knowing that you don’t have to worry about how you’re going to get home afterwards.

Thankfully for those of us who love a day drink, The Highway in Plympton is launching a new tailored bus service offering locals free rides to and from the venue every Sunday throughout winter!

The initiative will kick off this Sunday, July 14th, and will apply to locals who live in the postcodes 5037, 5038 and 5039.

“Our Coopers Local Bus is like The Highway’s own personal Uber service, we come directly to your house, you and your friends can hop on board, enjoy a Sunday session at The Highway and get dropped home when you’re ready,” says The Highway Venue Manager, Darren Paech.

“We have a great community and following from the area and want to treat our locals by putting on this exclusive free service. It’s a great way to spend a fun, safe day out, without having to worry about driving home or forking out on an expensive taxi.”

The free bus service will pick up locals between 12pm - 2pm and drop them off from 5pm - 7pm every Sunday during winter.

Passengers can pre-book to secure their spot and arrange a pick-up time by calling 0478 657 319.

“The Highway’s Coopers Local Bus is the perfect way to send off the weekend,” says Darren.

“Watch the footy with friends, catch up over cocktails and enjoy Adelaide’s best acoustic tunes, while we take care of the to and from – with 20 seat capacity we can even pick up an entire footy team for post-game drinks!”

Sounds good to us!

The Highway is located at 290 Anzac Hwy, Plympton. 

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