The Hidden Car Spots Where You Can Park For Free On The Gold Coast

Without a limit!

In association with Action Tyres and More

23 May 2018

In association with Action Tyres and More

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As much as we love living in one of the top tourist hot spots in Australia, it also comes with burdens... and costs!

Parking. It's the bane of many locals existence, particularly on weekends.

We've teamed up with our friends at Action, Tyres and More to give you insider tips on four busy hot spots and where to park for free all day without having to walk a mile. 

Burleigh Heads

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Burleigh Heads is one of the trendiest places to visit any day of the week and with good reason. If you're a local, you'll know the struggle of lapping around the block 5-6 times before you find light at the end of the tunnel.

Here are some spots to try next time you're in the area:

Ewart Street, Burleigh Heads

You'll find Ewart Street a couple of streets back and parallel from James Street. There's no limits, no parking meters, but it is in a residential area, so spaces can sometimes be as rare as hens' teeth. It's worth looking though, because it's a stones throw away from the beach and it won't cost you a cent. 

Hayle Street, Burleigh Heads

It's a long street, with a lot of free parks, and better yet, it end on the beachfront of Burleigh Hill. Drive right down it and check the side streets. Trust us, it's a parking goldmine! If you're feeling lucky you might even score one in the small car park right at the end of the road. 

Brake Street, Burleigh Heads

This one can be hard to find off the Gold Coast highway. If you're heading South down the main road, turn left into Brake Street. But be warned, if you miss the turn off, you'll have to go all the way up to get back around. This street has minimal spots, but it's often overlooked cause it's tricky to get to!


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On weekdays, Talle Creek is a locals dream. Car spots galore, plenty of beach space and fewer crowds, but come the weekend, you'll find yourself stalking the next person leaving to land yourself a park.

Here are some spots to try next time you're in the area:

Awoonga Avenue, Elanora Drive, Bullimbah Avenue, Beelyu Street

These residential streets are all located in the same area. Just before you head over the bridge to Tallebudgera Creek turn right onto Ikkina Road and then left onto Beelyu Street. Follow that road around (which also has a cute beach may we add) and onto Awoonga Avenue, Elanora Drive and Bullimbah Avenue. It's only a short 5 minute walk to the main creek. 


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Broadbeach is bustling with restaurants, shopping and nightlife, but can be a little tricky when it comes to parking.

Here are some spots to try next time you're in the area:

Phillip Avenue, Anne Avenue, George Avenue

These three avenues are the ones to look out for - not too far to walk in, but not too close that you get slugged with a parking meter. A short 5 minute walk into town, these spots are ideal if you're heading to The Oasis, The Oracle or Surf Parade. 

Australia Avenue and Brianna Avenue

Further North in Broadbeach both Australia and Brianna Avenue are great spots to park all day or night. Ideal spot if you're jumping on the tram somewhere else or heading to the quieter beach. 

Surfers Paradise

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Surfers can be a killer for parking. Everywhere it either paid or way too far away from the action.

Here are some spots to try next time you're in the area:

Paradise Island

Turn left off the Gold Coast highway right after you spot The Watermark Hotel. Paradise Island has two long streets of parking. On a weekday during business hours there is a 3 hour limit, but on the weekends you can park there as long as you like.

Peninsular Drive, Leonard Avenue

To the left, right after Bruce Bishop car park (oh, the irony) there's a long street called Peninsular Drive where all the backpackers and hostels live on. Travel down that and Leonard Avenue that is parallel and you're guaranteed to find a spot. 

But shhh... don't tell anyone!

These hidden car spots are thanks to our friends at Action, Tyres & More. For all of your mechanical and tyre needs see the guys at Price Street, Southport.

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