The Fox's $100,000 Secret Sound Clues Explained

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In case you weren't listening, we just gave away $100,000!!!

Olivia from South Morang correctly guessed the Secret Sound... closing a punnet of blueberries!

There were many, many clues revealed over the last few weeks. If you aren't sure how it all adds up, here are the explanations behind the clues.

CLUE #1: PYRAMID - (Food pyramid / recycle logo on punnet is a pyramid shape)

CLUE #2: KEEPING FIT – (Blueberries are a healthy snack)

CLUE #3: KEEPING COOL – (Blueberries are kept in the fridge / cool section in shops)

CLUE #4: READY STEADY COOK – (Blueberries are a cooking ingredient)

CLUE #5: ONE SIZE FITS ALL – (The blueberry punnet lid has to be clicked into place)

CLUE #6: CRYSTAL CLEAR – (The blueberry punnet is clear)

CLUE #7: PLASTIC FANTASTIC – (The blueberry punnet is plastic)

CLUE #8: I CAN’T CONTAIN MYSELF – (The blueberry punnet is a container)

CLUE #9 NO PUN INTENDED – (Blueberries are kept in a punnet)

CLUE #10 ‘I’M BLUE’ – (The colour of blueberries)

CLUE #11 CASE CLOSED – (The sound is of the blueberry lid closing shut)

3 September 2019

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