The Fire Danger Period declared over!

CFA makes the call.

4 April 2018

The CFA have declared the end of the Fire Danger Period for Mildura and surrounds.

The group are still reminding locals of the steps they should take when lighting a fire.



Locals looking to burn off are being urged to check fire restrictions in your area, register the burn, check and monitor weather conditions, and warm neighbours before hand if there’s going to be smoke in the air.


Fire Permits will now be obtained through Mildura Rural City Council's Local Laws Department.

CFA crews say every year they waste resources responding to false alarms because of people who don’t register their burn offs.

Landowners can register their burn off with the Emergency Services Telecommunications Authority, by calling 1800 668 511.

For more information on how to register your burn off, click the link below!


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