The Damning Evidence That Alisha & Glenn Are Still Together

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Alisha & Glenn are forming a strong connection in Paradise, but we've found evidence that suggests they're still together

“I watch Bachelor in Paradise for the compelling storyline,” I tell myself as I sit down to watch another drama-filled episode.

We’d be lying if we said we didn’t watch the Bachelor in Paradise for the drama, but there are a few couples we do hope end up together and fall madly in love, and hopefully give us another Bachie baby, Glenn & Alisha are one of them.

Do they end up together? Do they call it quits after Paradise?

One trailer has lead us to believe that a very blurry Alisha & Glenn at least make it to the final commitment ceremony.

Ok I get it, it’s very blurry and not that convincing, but that’s not it, we are so blessed to have so many clues in the palm of our hands, thanks to social media.

We’ve done some digging and found that it doesn’t end for Alisha & Glenn after paradise:

Want more Bachie goss? Catch up here:

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30 July 2020

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