The Cruel Casey Donovan Backlash Needs To Stop Right NOW

People go too far.

Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller

13 May 2017

Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller

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Image Credit: Coles.

We’ve been seeing a lot more of Casey Donovan on our television screens of late, with the singer having scored a spot in the ‘Coles Down Down’ ads we all secretly love. 


Unfortunately, she has been receiving a lot of cruel backlash from the public about the ad, with people taking to social media to troll her accounts.


While some are trying to channel these comments through humour, there’s a major problem with the constant degradation of Casey

It’s no secret that many across the nation have dabbled in tearing down celebs when they have some success, with the whole idea of tearing down the ‘Tall Poppy’ becoming an ever-growing problem. 

Why do we try and make another’s achievements less? 

Why do we insist on tearing other’s down, instead of rejoicing in their happiness and success?

Fans have united to support Casey, posting positive comments to the singer and shutting down cruel comments. 

We’re all in this together and it’s about time we stop making people the centre of cruel jokes we want to make. 

An industry insider even told that Casey’s decision to be a part of the ad was a sell out, and that she has ruined her chances at a comeback. 

“It just looks cheap and tacky and it’s terrible for her.”

Casey is an artist and should be able to choose what she wants to do. 

She’s a proud Australian, so why wouldn’t she back an Aussie brand?

You make think these remarks are all in good humour, but when this is a prevalent trend in tearing down locally grown Aussie talent - we need to stop it in its tracks!

Celebrate each other’s success. 

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