The City Of Sydney Area Will Now Run On 100% Renewable Energy!

After new deal with regional NSW.

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In some very exciting news, the City of Sydney has today switched to running on 100% renewable energy!

The 10-year deal will see the council buy electricity from wind and solar farms in regional NSW, and will run every single thing, including 115 buildings, 75 parks, and 23,000 streetlights!

“We’ve struck a deal with an electricity broker to source renewable energy from 3 different generators, all based in regional NSW. The broker, Flow Power, has agreed to purchase an amount of electricity equivalent to 100% of the City's usage, then add it to the national electricity grid on our behalf. About three-quarters of the power will be wind-generated, and the remaining quarter will be generated by solar.

“The generators we settled on are Sapphire Wind Farm, Bomen Solar Farm and Repower Shoalhaven (solar). Each farm is at a different stage of development, meaning the agreement will launch in stages from 1 July before coming into full effect in 2021. The deal lasts for 10 years, giving us price certainty in a volatile electricity market.”

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The council went on to explain how they wanted to help grow the renewables sector in NSW too.

“We didn’t want to simply buy renewable electricity that was already being produced. So we worked with our broker to make sure we were supporting new projects.

“We ended up partnering with a community energy group that needed help to get a project off the ground. Repower Shoalhaven could not have become operational without our investment.

“By partnering with this project, we’re stimulating the market and helping the renewables sector grow.”

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Find out more about the new electricity deal here!

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1 July 2020

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