The Bid To Get Illegal Firearms Off Our Streets

Three month gun amnesty announced

16 June 2017

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Recent terror incidents and the tragic shooting of a Queensland police officer are some of the reasons behind a three month gun amnesty, starting on July 1.

People will be able to surrender guns or gun parts at any WA police station without fear of being prosecuted.

Police Minister Michelle Roberts said if guns fall into the wrong hands, there can be terrible and tragic outcomes, but not all illegal guns are used for criminal acts.

"For whatever reason, people may be in possession of an unlicensed firearm.

"It's possible relatives of deceased family members have come across guns in their loved one's estate and are not sure what to do with them," the Minister said.

Cabinet Minister Christopher Pyne says if illegal guns weren't available, they could not have been used in the recent killing of Queensland police officer Brett Forte.

While Justice Minister Michael Keenan said,"Illegal guns were used in the Lindt Cafe siege and the death of police accountant Curtis Cheng in Sydney, as well as being used in organised crime."

The last amnesty held by WA Police resulted in more than 1,200 guns being surrendered.

People are asked to plan ahead and call first, before visiting their local police station.

Surrendered weapons will be destroyed in a device like this one

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