The best wall colours for every room of the house!

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21 December 2017

In association with Inspirations Paint

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Painting your house is quite a personal thing because everyone has their own taste, needs and wants. But sometimes, it can be a bit confusing where you should start and knowing what works for every room in the house. Here's your head start to choosing the best wall colours for each part of your home: 


You want your kitchen to be a clean space that's enjoyable to work in and host the family - nobody wants a gloomy-looking kitchen! In saying that, there are some colours that work really well for this area of the house:


There's no denying white makes everything bright and open, but it's a great colour to paint your kitchen if you want a touch of modern sophistication. Plus, you're bound to spend a lot of time in one, as most people start their day with grabbing breakfast! It's also a great base if you want to add in a pop of colour!


Adding a touch of blue will give a clean and crisp look to your kitchen. Just make sure you don't overdo it - a light blue will work wonders on cabinets and drawers. Use it to balance out a predominantly white kitchen, just don't go over-the-top! It will give you room to further decorate or, just leave as is. 

 Living room

The living room is where you go to unwind, watch TV or entertain guests. It's one of those rooms that you really want to feel warm and cosy. A lot of that can be felt just by choosing the right wall colour and making sure it works with your chosen colour scheme. Here's a good start:


Using ivory as your living room colour will add a timeless look while still having room to go all out with furniture and home decor! You might want to add wooden accents or that blush pink armchair you've been lusting over!


Taupe living room walls will make your area feel warm and soothing. It's not quite d