The Best Tips To Secure Your Home While You’re Away

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4 December 2017

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Tis the season to enjoy some time away!

Whether it's just up the road to Rollingstone or a cool trip to Tassie, make sure your home is left secured. 

We've got the best tips to secure your home while you're away to make sure you don't come home to any nasty surprises. 

Create a Lived In Look

While away, make sure your home still looks ‘lived in - leave a pair of shoes at the back door, water in the dog’s bowl and hang some towels on the washing line.  Make sure a trusted neighbour or family member collects the mail and regularly adjusts curtains and blinds.  Ask a neighbour or friend to regularly park in your driveway or outside your home to suggest activity.  

Sensor Lights

Install them at all external doorways - an inexpensive deterrent that remain useful throughout the year.

Turn Down the Landline Phone

An endlessly ringing phone can be a give-away that there’s no one home.  Turn down the volume and make sure the voice message gives no clue that you have gone on holidays.

Set Timers

Available from hardware stores, timers allow you to switch your TV or radio on at various times throughout the day, as well as lights in the evening. 


Spare Keys

Only leave your spare keys with a trusted family member, friend or neighbour - DO NOT keep them under a flower pot or a door mat where they can be easily found by a crim.  

Security Alarm

If budget and time allow, install a security alarm as it is one of the best deterrents.  For the majority of burglars, an alarm makes your home too difficult to try and enter.  Be sure to display notices about the alarm system prominently at doors and windows.

Lock All Doors and Windows well

Sounds obvious but as people head off in a rush, locking doors and windows can be easily forgotten.  If possible fit deadlocks to main doors and windows as these make for a major hurdle for burglars. 

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