The Best Schnitzel In Sydney & Across The Country Has Been Named!

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Aah yes, the trusty schnitty, it’s one of Australia’s most beloved menu items and an absolute staple in pubs across the country.

But where can you find the best of the best?

Well, Daniel Finch, the Managing Director at WotIf, has today released the winners of his ‘2020 Uniquely Aussie Awards.’

Taking our the top spot for the Best Schnitty in Australia is a dish called ‘Schnit Faced’ (incredible) at Schnithouse (also incredible), a pub located in Adelaide.

“There are over 20 varieties of schnitty on the menu and all are made to order using a traditional family method,” Finch writes.

“There are five bases to choose from, including an eggplant option for vegetarians and a gluten-free crumb for the coeliacs among us.”

Although the winner was prized to an Adelaide pub, Finch has also released his list of finalists, with Darlinghurst restaurant Una’s crowned as the best schnitty in NSW!

You can read WotIf's list of Uniquely Aussie Award winners here, and NSW finalists here! 

Where do you think the best schnitty in Sydney is? 

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8 October 2020

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