The Best Plants To Keep At Your Desk To Boost Productivity!

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Need to add a little touch of nature to your office space? It’s no secret that plants are extremely beneficial for humankind in a multitude of ways, but which ones are best suited to a work environment? 

Yes, plants boost productivity, purify air and help get your creative juices flowing, but no one wants to fuss over the watering habits involved when caring for your leafy baby, especially when you’re not very cluey when it comes to gardening. 

Well, here are just eight plants we recommend for your desk as they don’t need too much maintenance and are pretty size-appropriate! 

Spider plant 

This plant is easy to care for and is great for removing toxins in the air!

It can be planted in a pot or hanging basket, doesn’t need to be watered often, and can live under fluorescent lights. 

Zanzibar Gem

The Zanzibar Gem is absolutely fine if you neglect it, only needing to be watered four times a year! 


This small plant is the perfect size for your desk and will survive in low light environments! 

Golden Pothos 

According to NASA researchers, the Golden Pothos is one of the top air-cleaning plants… and we’re not going to argue with NASA. 

Succulents & Cacti  

Everyone loves a Succulent or a Cacti. They are small, and don’t require much watering at all! Just note that these babies do require lots of sunlight, so they will only be appropriate if your desk is near a window. 

Peace Lily 

Peace Lilies are excellent house and office plants. They are not only easy to care for, but are super pretty! They don’t require a lot of light and could actually be harmed if you water them too much! Just make sure you have a little extra space for this one. 


Did you forget to water your plant? No worries, it’s a Sansevieria! It will be fine! Yes, this plant thrives on neglect and is actually pretty darn hard to kill! 


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18 November 2020

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