The Best Place For Over 30s To Meet Someone In Perth?

In your dirty thirties? Read on.

21 December 2018

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Congratulations on reaching your dirty thirties! Let’s face it, just making it through your twenties relatively unscathed is an achievement within itself.

Now you have a better understanding of who you are as a person and what you want, and after kissing your fair share of frogs, it is time to meet a real man or woman. Not that they need to be ‘the one’ of course, but you can certainly meet a mature person to have some fun with.

But where shall you meet your tall, dark, handsome stranger? Or short, blonde … whatever floats your boat. Allow hit92.9 to point you in the right direction with Perth’s Best Places for 30+ Singles!

1. Meetup

Yep, the internet is a thing of beauty. Right now, there are groups of single people organising singles nights for you all to meet and mingle with lovely available people! Head to for the next singles gathering, which you can search for by criteria such as ‘single with children’ and ‘Christian singles.’ Did we mention they have a group for Professional 30+ Singles so you know they GOTSTA have a job!

2. Singles in the City

Look, it is sort of a double up but sort of not! Yes, this is another internet organised singles night, however, whereas Meetup is organised by the singles themselves, Singles in the City is professionally managed by event planners and match-makers. Jump on to and register for one of their many events for single 25 – 45 year olds. The positives? They are a members only club, which means someone has had to check they aren’t crazy!

3. Stables Bar in Perth

Friday evening for after work drinks is when the Perth based professionals go Stables Bar to unwind. Located in a little nook on Hay Street, this funky watering hole not only has great drinks and food, but seems to be a hotspot for beautiful singles over 30, late 20’s as well if we’re honest, to mingle over a casual drink. If you wait around long enough, the music and make-shift dance floor gets cranking from around 10pm, which is just long enough for the post-work bevvies to sink in and you’re Jagger moves to come out. Tick!

4. Alabama Song in Northbridge

Calling all bourbon and whiskey lovers, which let’s face it, are generally more mature … like the whiskey they drink! Alabama Song is the coolest of dive bars located in Northbridge with a small but delicious menu and live music on a Friday.

Is there a better way to unwind than a smooth scotch on the rocks, honky tonk music and like-minded single cuties all around? If there is, let us know!

5. Small Bar Launches

OK, so this isn’t a weekly venue you can rely on to meet men and women. However, with the growing small bar scene in Perth, there are constant grand openings of small bars and pop-up bars around Perth to keep an eye out for. Attendees for these types of functions are generally wine and food lovers, or spirits depending on the speciality of the particular bar and mature enough to appreciate the fusion menu. Not to mention they are clearly in the know with the latest happenings around Perth so they are sure to keep your dates on trend! 

Where are you favourite places to meet someone in Perth? Let us know in our Facebook comments! 

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