The Barton Grocer has the Goods

This is Not Your Average Grocer!

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#NOTYOURAVERAGEGROCER is the hashtag for this boutique supermarket and bottle mart and we could not agree more. Located in Barton along Macquarie street, the grocer offers fantastic quick eats and all the general items you need (plus a few things you would not expect).

Open for over four years and family owned, the hustling and bustling grocer is a unique experience. When arriving at the store and walking inside, you instantly get a homely and rustic vibe.

Hosting a range of local and well-known produce, you will find some unique items. These are normally things you do not find in the big supermarkets. The Grocer is known for one thing – its Specialty boxes (which can be purchased online too). What are they? We can tell you. The fresh produce box contains a mixture of fruit and vegetable produce picked daily by their suppliers. There is also a Netflix and Chill box perfect for date night, a dinner box and our favourite meal of the day, a breakfast box. Yum!

An exclusive offering for the grocer is the coffee bar located on the right-hand side of the store. If you need your coffee fix you will not be disappointed as they offer a range of blends that provide that hit. There is also plenty of takeaway options for breakfast, lunch and snacks on the go.

One of our favourite things about The Barton Grocer is its flower bar. Every weekday you will find new bouquets perfect for your house or office. They even do weddings, corporate functions and events. Many of the flowers and blooms at the bar are locally grown so you can feed confident that you will be supporting those in the surrounding region.

If you have never been its worth checking out. The Barton Grocer is open weekdays from 7am to 8pm and on weekends from 8am to 8pm.

18 November 2020

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