The Bachelor’s Sophie Reads Her Emotional Diary Entry When She Was Rejected By Nick Cummins

"I feel like I’m already not the one."

Entertainment News Team

12 April 2019

Entertainment News Team

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Sophie Tieman YouTube

Earlier this week, Brooke Blurton reunited with her fellow Honey Badger bachelorettes on Bachelor In Paradise, where she revealed Nick had told her his plan to pick no one in the end, which sparked her decision to leave.

Now, one of Nick Cummins’ final two, Sophie Tieman, has started a YouTube channel and her very first video takes us back to her Bachelor journey and the heartbreaking finale.

Titling the video My reality of The Bachelor, Sophie addresses the many questions she is asked about the show, including why she would choose to go on reality TV, how real the experience really is and eventually, even read out her diary entry where she documented the final rose ceremony.

Sophie revealed she was inspired to go on The Bachelor after seeing the women from MAFS receiving hate online. 

“I remember going through the thought process: these girls should have picked another TV show… Then I thought ‘oh my god, how funny, imagine if I did something like that’?”

Despite applications having closed two days prior, Sophie was still able to submit an application on the website and ended up getting through. 

“I wouldn’t have stayed if I didn’t like him,” she said, insisting she went on for the right reasons.

“That would be the biggest waste of my time. There’s no way that I would ever put myself through that”

However, she doesn’t judge those who apply for reality TV with ulterior motives.

“For a lot of girls, they went there because they were single, but they also went to go experience TV. Maybe they wanted to do some modelling, maybe they wanted to do some acting, so what a great gateway to try and possibly get into those fields while looking for love if you’re single.

“You can’t really blame them for it and at the end of the day, they’re probably going to make great TV”

Although Sophie says she had a blast filming her season, she didn’t enjoy her last three weeks.

“Everyone’s gone and you feel a bit alone,” she shared, before revealing she kept a journal throughout the process. Sophie then read out the moment she knew Nick wasn’t going to pick her, and when she found out he chose no one.

“I can tell Nick likes me, but I feel like I’m already not the one.

“He doesn’t ask enough questions about my life like he does with the other girls. I like him a lot, but I’m scared to keep going until the day I’m rejected.”

After being rejected by Nick, producers told Sophie someone wanted to see her, but didn’t say who. 

“The door opens and it’s Britt. She tells me some crazy news: ‘he didn’t pick me either’. I’m dying but we can’t stop laughing."

She finishes the video by reflecting on her time on the show and what she learnt.

“I actually never felt anxiety the way I felt it after the show, but I don’t take it back, none of it… From doing this show, I found independence.”

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