The Bachelor’s Jen Explains What Really Went Down That Night She Overheard Lisa

"It was really horrible stuff!"

Lucy O'D

25 August 2017

Lucy O'D

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Jen Hawke's exit from the mansion last night probably wasn't as dramatic as we were all anticipating, however, she definitely didn't leave without causing a stir for some of the other bachelorettes. 

For the quickest of summaries: last night, we watched on as "villain" Jen threw fellow contestant Lisa under the bus with Matty.

During some one-on-one time with the Bachelor himself, Jen took it upon herself to let Matty know that she had apparently "overheard" Lisa saying that the bachelor was only there to "keep himself in the public eye". 

As you can imagine, this led to utter chaos as none of the other bachelorettes believed that Jen had actually overheard this at all.  


Well, you better believe that even out of the mansion, Jen is sticking to her guns, saying that really is what happened... right down to the detail about her sit-ups. 

Speaking to NW, the former contestant explained in further detail what really went down that night she overheard the other girls. 

"Well, here is the true story," she said. "I was sitting in my bedroom doing sit-ups and Lisa and Elise walked into Florence's room, which is right next to mine, and were talking about Matty. 

"I think at this point Elise was feeling a little bit disgruntled cause she has only had that extra time after the family date, she hasn't got her single date yet and she was taking smack about Matty. 

"Lisa was basically saying, 'He is only here to further his career to keep himself in the public eye, he'll only pick a girl that fits into his lifestyle.' 

"It was really horrible stuff!" 

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