The Bachelor’s Elora Has Opened Up About THAT Night With Matty J

"We didn't want the date to end."

Zoe P

17 September 2017

Zoe P

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Elora has set the record straight after all the rumours surrounding her cottage date night with Matty J on The Bachelor. 

It was the first ‘overnight’ date on Australia’s The Bachelor as we saw Matty and Elora end a date full of make-out sessions in a lake on an inflatable swan end with the two sleeping in separate cottages. 

At least that’s what the viewers saw. We watched as Matty kissed Elora goodnight before leaving her on her own, even after she asked “are you coming in?” 

Now, with the season over, Elora has told the Daily Mail that although they didn’t do the deed… they definitely wanted to. 

“It is impossible to guess today what would have happened that night, had we had the courage to admit we didn't want the date to end so early.

“We didn't sleep together. Although I'm not sure what he would have said if I would have really invited him to spend the night."

And no, there wasn’t any juicy stuff off camera. 

“At the time we said goodbye, it was no question that we were going to sleep in separate cottages. Neither of us invited each other over behind cameras.” 

With The Bachelorrette about to commence this Wednesday, Sophie Monk has confirmed she will not be sleeping with anyone during the show. 

“Oh, that is so gross – I could not do that on TV. And in America, it’s so full-on. Like, 'Change the sheets!” she told New Weekly

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