The 'Bachelor In Paradise' Hotel Is A Lot Cheaper Than We Thought!

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Lauren Payne

28 March 2018

Lauren Payne

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If you've been watching Bachelor In Paradise (who hasn't?), you're probably looking at the resort that the cast are staying in and wondering how much money was splashed on their rooms.

Well, it turns out that the contestants (including a few extras) stayed at Fiji's Mango Bay Resort whilst filming the show and it looks absolutely stunning!

The resort itself is right by 12 acres of rainforest and has a beachfront lagoon pool with a swim-up bar as well as it’s own stretch of beach!

During the first two episodes, you probably saw the picturesque locations and assumed that the accommodation probably cost a fortune because, well, it is reality TV...

Luckily, the rooms at the Mango Bay Resort are actually quite cheap!

Images: Tripadvisor

The resort currently has rooms going for just $156 a night, including free wifi and breakfast every morning!

Plus, you'll be staying in one of the most beautiful locations right by the beach!

So, clearly, even though the cast are staying in luxury accomodation, you can too and it'll cost you almost nothing!

You can check out more information about the resort and book your stay here.

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