The Bachelor Gave Away Who Makes It To The End In The FIRST Episode


Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller

21 September 2018

Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller

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Last night’s episode of The Bachelor definitely broke some hearts and made us all shed a tear, with Shannon’s emotional departure from the mansion. 

It left us wondering wtf happened and who would actually make it to the finale.

Flash back to the very first episode where we got a montage of what to expect over the season, and fans think they have determined exactly who makes it to the finale from all the clues in it!

Comparing what we’ve seen thus far with what’s in the montage, we can sift through the ladies who make it further into the season and to home visits! observed some of the hints and shared them with us all:

  • Brittany might make it to home visits as she’s on a romantic date with Nick we’re yet to see - so obvs it’s home visits!

  • Brooke shares another pash with Nick in the pool… how? Sophie has the last single date before home visits? Everyone now assumes she is in the final two. 

  • Sophie shares a smooch-filled date with Nick, playing ice hockey and a sexy swim. Sophie has already been rumoured to be in the final three, and she better be if she got the last single date instead of Shannon. 

Emily, Dasha and Cass all seem to be missing from any ‘clues’ from the first montage, either because they’re not the ones for Nick in the end, or the producers are trying to trick us. 

Considering how terrible Nick was at conversing with Emily and Dasha this week, we fear it’s the former… 

We can’t handle Cass not being one of the final girls, if this is all true, because she’s just so sweet and a girl so in love. 

Please don’t break Cass’ heart…

We beg you. 


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