The Adventures of Gilbert

If you are a cat lover this is for you!

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The Adventures of Gilbert - if you are a cat lover this is for you.

Some of you might have heard of a cat called Suki, she is a Canadian resident with a passport and a taste for travel. She has been making some big paw print news globally. Well Hobart, we now have or own travelling cat, Gilbert! Residing in his comfy home in South Hobart and this is his story so far!

I would like to introduce to you Gilbert, a four-legged black ball of fluff that has some finger biting problems, but an overall good guy. The journey of Gilbert starts when this little bundle of joy surprised his soon to be mamma’s, when he rocked up unannounced on their doorstep a couple of months ago. His cute little eyes were his most convincing trait and they could not resist the urge to adopt him.

Gilbert has been spending his isolation days entertaining his lovely mammas with multiple lap sittings, occasionally distracting them from some important uni work. 

From hitting the books to hitting the curbs, Gilbert is currently undertaking some skateboarding lessons with the guidance of his mammas. At times he finds the rolling motion a little bit frightening...He enjoys going down to Lower Sandy Bay for his iso walks in his newly converted backpack where he can watch lots of birds. He founds the big birds a bit scary, so he likes the safety of his backpack.  

Gilbert is keeping everyone very busy in his household and the constant entertainment and joy he brings is helping everyone survive the isolation blues.

The adventures of Gilbert can be seen on his very own Instagram account where you can keep up to date with all the stories and pictures of all his adventures. Hopefully, this little guy might meet his idol Suki someday and share a glass of milk together.

Thank you to his lovely Mammas for the collection of pictures.

If you want to catch more of Gilbert give him a pawollow @gilbertwalnut.

Bonnie Ferguson

6 May 2020

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Bonnie Ferguson

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