The $89 Kmart Vacuum Cleaner 'Better Than A Dyson'

You Read That Right!

17 July 2017

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Image Credit: Facebook/Teylor Johnson 

Kmart Australia is making people around the country incredibly happy lately. They've released a brand new affordable range, their prices across the board are totally agreeable - and just walking into the place and looking around puts a smile on your face.

WELL. Ladies and Gentlemen, the latest item to take Australia by storm is this. An $89 vacuum cleaner. 

The 1200W Upright Vacuum is causing quite a stir, simply because plenty of users have taken to social media to say that it's literally 'better than a Dyson'. For those of you unaware, Dyson's cost $500+. 

Teylor Johnson took to Facebook commenting on how she and her hubby had taken to it - her hubby more so!

She shared this photo of her husband, writing "I would say I love my new toy but I think someone else cough Jerome loves it more after vacuuming the whole house last night". LOL!

Plenty of other users have taken to the Facebook group Kmart Mums Australia to comment on how much they love the machine as well!

Do you have one? Do you like it? 

We might just have to wander over to Kmart to check it out...

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