The 8 Most Drool-Worthy Eats To Devour This Easter!

And Where To Find Them

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The greatest holiday of the year is nearly upon us, when chocolate fills storefronts, grocery aisles, and (of course) our tummies. 


If you're looking to class up your Easter celebrations with more than just your standard Cadbury eggs, then look no further! Here's the best chocolatey eats and sweets Gold Coast has to offer this holiday season... 

Paddock Bakery

Eggs for breakfast? Get them while they're hot!

Paddock Bakery is serving up delicious Easter Dippy Eggs; two hollow choccy eggs filled with white chocolate cheesecake and a salted caramale yolk, with doughnut fires for soldiers, pretzel cookie crumb, malt chocolate crumble, and fresh strawberries, topped with marshmallows. 

My 8-year-old self is screaming!


But that's not all Paddock is offering as an Easter special...

Introducing the Golden Egg Doughnut; a semi sourdough doughnut covered in har chocolate, filled with white chocolate custard créme, a golden hollowed egg topped to the brim with salted caramel, and finished off with choc malt crumble.

So basically diabetes on a plate, which is exactly what I'm after this Easter.  


Bam Bam Bakehouse

Moving along on our tasty tour, and we find ourselves at Bam Bam Bakehouse where Easter is coming in hot. Hot Cross Croissants to be exact.

It's a twist on a holiday classic we all know and love - and that I personally would like to petition should stick around all year - the hot cross bun.

With the signature Bam Bam pastry rolled with soaked saltanas, filled with spiced custard and crossed with cream cheese frosting, this dessert is suited to the Easter-lovers looking to break up with sweet with some savoury (well, as savoury as Easter can get).  


Cowch Dessert & Cocktail Bar

Shout out to all our indecisive readers who can't choose between a holiday-inspired dessert or another cocktail-filled night out. 

Cowch is here to solve all your problems with the Everything Easter Cocktail, a vanilla vodka & chocolate liquer shaken with hot cross bun ice-cream and served with a chocolate rim, whipped cream and topped with a Cadbury créme egg. 


Cubby Bakehouse

It's stop 4 on the bakery bus and we're still going strong, because who can help salivating at these delicious Hot Cross Baggies?! 

Made with their signature baguettes and filled with yummy spices, fruits and nuts, all we can say is get us some butter! 


Kiss The Berry

Easter without the guilt?

Head on down to Kiss The Berry for a Hot Cross Berry Bowl, filled with banana, pea protein, cinnamon, nutmeg, sultanas, coyo and chai caramel, topped with a fresh hot cross bun! 


Baked at Ancora

"Don't play with your food!" - every mum ever

Well sorry Mum, but the rules are being thrown out the window this Easter with these seriously adorable Naughts & Crosses Easter Buns!


White Rhino

Welcome to the final destination of our Easter trail, and what a way to finish! 

White Rhino is offering holiday goodies, including half a large Easter Egg filled with 3 scoops of ice cream, caramel sauce, mini marshmallows, and crunchy chocolate candy! 


Happy holidays Gold Coast! And remember, if you're not at risk of heart failure by the end of the long weekend, then you haven't done Easter right. 

^ Me on Monday forcing down the rest of my Easter chocolate before my diet starts on Tuesday 
Ebony Reeves

11 April 2019

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Ebony Reeves

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