The $6.5 Million Plan to Amplify Tasmania’s Employment

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A $6.5 million Tasmanian Employer Bonus Fund has been launched to help get people into the workforce.

The State Government announced a new incentive to provide up to $6,500 over a 6-month period for newly created casual, part-time, fixed-term, and permanent roles.

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The new Employer Bonus Fund is aimed at encouraging businesses to hire Tasmanians keen to re-enter the workforce, they may be older citizens, or parents returning to work for the first time after having a child.

Under the new scheme, new employees will be guaranteed 15 hours of work per week, and businesses will be guaranteed the incentive for 6 months.

Skills and Training Minister Sarah Courtney says the Bonus Fund is putting Tasmanians first.

“We know at the moment we have a strong economy, we want to make sure that we are using all opportunities for all Tasmanians, to get a job here in Tasmania.”

Tasmania currently has the second-lowest unemployment rate in the country at 4.5%, however there are concerns that the pandemic will still affect some sectors, the Employer Bonus Fund aims to alleviate that.

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Hit News Team

17 August 2021

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